LEGO Month

LEGO Extravaganza

For 4 weeks our Makerspace Spark was open to the entire school for a special Lego Event. Through a series of LEGO challenges students were encouraged through the art of play in learning to further develop a mindset of creativity, curiosity and innovation.  Many programs throughout the year in Spark support and extend Pike’s mission to develop lifelong, independent learners with a creative spirit.  See a recap in the form of many pictures and videos below:

Upper School students working together to take the make letters out of LEGOs challenge.

Lower School students working together to design a bridge and car that will withstand an earthquake.

Designing and testing marble mazes with Lower School students

A Middle School student tests how far she can build out with LEGO bricks from a wall

Middle School students challenge themselves to follow steps and build something behind a curtain without looking.

Some couldn’t resist the urge to sort by color!

And a lot of cool structures were made to be part of our tiny city called Pike Micropolis, and there were many more activities.

The Apple Store made by some Upper School students

Another Pike Micropolis creation

You may be interested in exploring resources for using LEGOs in your own classroom.  There are so many inventive possibilities. See some resources below. If you are ever looking for ways to bring LEGO into your classroom please let the Tech Department know.  

  • This blog post by the Excited Educator offers a LEGO Design Challenge that works with students in grades 6 – 8.
  • Here are several cool LEGO Activity ideas via the Educating Young Engineers website.
  • This Teaching Ideas website has a huge range of ways to use LEGOs in the classroom with activity ideas for many subjects.
  • There even has been some recent news about a new LEGO Educator program for anyone who wants to learn more about helping students develop the skills and knowledge to create, innovate and learn via LEGOs.