Connecting a MacBook Laptop to a Projector

This post covers the basics on how to connect a MacBook Pro Laptop to a projector.  If you would like to download or print out a one page sheet to keep handy or to leave with your lesson plans for a substitute teacher click here.

Connecting a MacBook Laptop to a Projector

Make sure your laptop is connected to a power source (especially for long presentations).  With the HDMI cable No Adaptor is needed.  Connect the black cord to the HDMI port located on the right side of the MacBook Pro in the center input (see below).  With HDMI video and audio go through the same cable so there is no separate hookup for audio. Now Turn on the projector with the classroom remote.

Sometimes, additional steps may be required for an image to be displayed from your laptop.

If an image doesn’t project and you see a blue screen with a “No Input” message, disconnect the HDMI cable from your laptop, wait 5 seconds and then reconnect.  If the image still does not appear make sure that all the wires have a good connection.

Most Common Issue: If you do see an image, but it does not match your laptop screen click on the apple in the upper left of your screen and select System Preferences.  Next click on Displays.

Click on the Arrangement tab and make sure that the Mirror Displays box is checked.

Another common problem: If you see a no input message on your screen press the Source button on the projector remote.  

Reminder: Here is a one page sheet that you can download or print out if you want to keep it handy or leave with your lesson plans for a substitute teacher.

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