Making a Makerspace

Over the last couple of days members of the Innovation Committee have been hard at work putting together Pike’s pilot makerspace called “Spark”. The makerspace now has tools like hammers, drills, and screw drivers as well as electronics like Mindstorms and KIBO robots and other tools like 3D printers, vinyl cutters and button makers. The committee also spent time planning the use of the space so that students and teachers in each division would have an opportunity to come to the makerspace. There is still work to be done before school starts but we are looking forward to all the making coming up this year.


Kathy Cassidy on – Engaging Young Students with Technology


Check out this 10 min interview with Kathy Cassidy (1st grade teacher in Canada) on engaging your students with technology.  In the interview, she describes how she got started with technology and turned her classroom into a Global classroom. Below are some notes I took while watching the video. If, after watching the interview, you want more information, read Kathy Cassidy’s book Connected From the Start

Why have a global classroom and encourage global learning

  • We should all be global learners.
  • Social Media is already a part of our students lives. We should teach them how to do it in a safe way.
  • Teach students to have empathy.
  • Students know how to have fun with technology, but we want them to learn how to use technology to learn.
  • Teach students appropriate ways to act online.
  • Create a digital footprint that you are proud of.
 Tips on getting started with technology
  • Start with one thing. Let that be successful and then build on that.
  • Try Skype in the classroom.
  • Follow blogs of other teachers and then maybe start your own blog.
  • Get started by creating a network of teachers that can support you via twitter or blogs.

The iPad Ideas Book

Looking for ideas on how to use iPads in your classroom?  Greg Kulowiec, from EdTechTeacher and guest iPad trainer for the Upper School faculty has published a book with lots of great classroom ideas.  You can download the book from iTunes for free.

The description reads “Created entirely on an iPad, the iPad Ideas Book is meant to be a quick inspirational guide to using the iPad in the classroom.  The ideas are not meant to act as direct step by step tutorials, but rather as a conceptual framework that can be modified, improved and adjusted as apps change, update and improve over time.”

The great thing about this book is that ideas are general enough to be applied to many different subjects and lessons. Download it and check it out.





Stream Education Video with Free iPad Apps

If your looking for the perfect hook to kick off a lesson or to elaborate on a topic, take a look at the following article from Edutopia that list 5 free iPad apps for streaming video. The History Channel app already has some of it’s programs broken up into important snippets.  This saves you from watching the entire program to find the good parts.  These same apps could be useful if your looking for educational video content for you child to watch over the summer.