How to Restore your iPad

A reminder about backups so that your iPad can be restored in the event of loss, damage or theft:
It is important that users backup information on their iPads.  A backup will help restore data onto a new iPad in case of loss, damage, or theft.  iCloud provides 5GB and automatically backs up the most important data on your device.  iTunes can also be used for backups.  We find most use iCloud to back up their device.  Click here to determine which method is best for you.  Also, be sure to go to the Settings App and then click iCloud to verify that your backup settings are correct.

Please Note:
If the iPad passcode is entered incorrectly too many times, you will see the “iPad is disabled” message on the screen.  When you see this message, your only option is to wipe the iPad and restore from backup.  This is a security feature designed to keep your data safe in case of theft.  We are finding that external keyboards left on in backpacks are accidentally typing the passcodes over and over until the iPad is disabled.  We recommend that the keboard be turned off when not using the ipad to avoid this situation.  Click here for directions on how to restore your disabled iPad.

If your iPad was broken, disabled or if you get a new one, follow the instructions below
(Please complete all of these steps at home)

Restore instructions:
Click here for back up and restore instructions for you iPad using iCloud or iTunes.

Reinstall Meraki:
Meraki is Pike’s iPad managment software. It is used to load Pike security and wireless settings onto each iPad. Click here for more information about how Pike uses Meraki.
Please note, once you have installed the Meraki profiles, you will be required to enter a passcode for your iPad.  An iPad passcode is a requirment for Pike network.

Please also install your Meraki profile at home.

To install the Meraki profiles

  1. From the iPad, In Safari, open:
  2. Enter your Network ID: 026-852-2061
  3. Press register
  4. In the profile that appears, press ‘install’,the install now, then ‘install’ again to confirm

Note about Apps
Some apps like Google Drive, will require you to re-enter your password.  

Please change these iPad Settings:

Ex.  CharlieBr2015
(If your iPad is not named correctly, you will be removed from the network) 

require lock every 15 minutes

Passcode:   On
require passcode after 15 minutes

General > Use Side Switch To:
Set the Side Switch to mute

Notability Settings

IMG_0136 Step 1:
Click on Manage Accounts.  Click on Login next to Google Drive. Then Login with your password.
IMG_0134 Step 2:

Click on Auto Backup and then click on Google Drive and then click on the Cog icon.  See the next image for more directions.

IMG_0135 Step 3:

Destination Folder = Notability

File Format = PDF

Put a check mark next to all subjects.

IMG_0137 Step 4:
Turn iCloud on
You cannot share an iCloud account.
If you are sharing an iCloud account with a parent or sibling, you must see the tech department immediately. 

iCloud Settings: 


Make sure the following are set to on:

Documents & Data
Find My iPad

IMG_0141 Under Backup, make sure iCloud Backup is set to On

As always, if your having difficulty with your backup settings or restoring your iPad please contact the Tech Department for assistance.