New Upper School Parent Information

This Page is for 6th Grade Pike Families  

Welcome to the Upper School.  We look forward to starting a partnership with you in the fall.  Below you will find some helpful information that we covered during the Step-Up to 6th Grade Meeting in the spring. We hope that you find the information below helpful and please do not hesitate to be in touch with questions and concerns.

Aaron Hovel, Director of Technology Jennifer Zacharis, Technology Coach/Integrationist

Starting in June, you will start to receive emails about the 1:1 program and we will be in touch throughout the summer with information about the necessary preparations for the school year.

For information about our 1:1 iPad program please visit our 1:1 FAQ Page.

Our Technology Guide for Parents has information to help families navigate issues related to parenting and technology.

Watch Director of Technology Aaron Hovel and Head of Upper School Colleen Welsh give a presentation about Raising Children in the Digital Age

Some Tips to Prepare for the iPad Program next school year:

  • Purchase the iPad in August to set the tone that the iPad is for school use
  • Designate the iPad for school use only
  • Install only school related apps
  • Set up iPad and Media use guidelines right from the start
  • Device use only in common areas
  • Set limits on device use
  • Put devices away ½ hour to 1 hour before bed.  
  • Come to an agreement about Social Media
  • Talk with your Children about media use and digital citizenship.
  • The Common Sense Media website is an excellent resource.

Some of the Upper School iPad Rules at the Pike School

  1. Students are expected to bring their iPads to school charged and ready to go each day
  2. No iPads in the cafeteria and the library during recess and lunch time.  
  3. No iPads in the hallways between 8 and 8:15 am.
  4. No iPads outside at recess
  5. At school the iPad will be used for school purposes only
  6. Students must disable cellular feature while at Pike.

Consequences for inappropriate use
Students found engaged in any non-school related activity such as, but not limited to, using websites not related to class assignments, texting, dropboxing non-school related material, playing games, i-messaging, etc. will receive the following:

  • three lunch duties (1st offense)
  • Call home to parents and an after school detention (2nd offense)
  • Meeting with parents and division head, at which time appropriate consequences will be determined (additional offenses)

Students are responsible for all material found on their iPads.  Teacher’s should be notified immediately if a student receives an unauthorized text, picture, etc.